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Mangrove Mountain Spring Water is a full line supplier of bottled spring water for contract package (co-packing) and corporate brand agreements for businesses, big and small. We bottle our spring water in sizes ranging from single serve 350ml to 15 litres returnable units.

Why You Should Use Mangrove Mountain Spring Water For Contract Packaging And As Your Water Supplier.

  • We currently supply several large, well known spring water companies.
  • Mangrove Mountain Spring Water includes, filling, labeling and putting the finished product on pallets for shipping from our facility on The Central Coast of NSW.
  • We produce our own single use BPA Free, P.E.T. bottles, in multiple package sizes and types, that are fully recyclable, toxin-free and carbon neutral.
  • Our water is of high quality, it's 100% natural that only retains the important minerals and trace elements that occur naturally at the source, there are no added chemicals or additives in our water.
  • Because we own our facilities and equipment we are cost efficient so we pass our savings on to our customers, making our supply of water cost effective and affordable.
  • We are passionate and committed to delivering a high quality product with efficient, friendly customer service that is second to none.
If you would like to know more about contract packaging and becoming a spring water supplier please contact our office on (02) 8883 4007.