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Put your brand or design to our P.E.T. water bottles. Custom labels are the perfect way to help promote your business or to add personality to your event, conference, wedding or party. 

We currently supply businesses from small food trucks and cafes through to highly recognised names with our bottled spring water and their own branded label.

Because of our own packaging plant we can accommodate small production runs right through to the requirements of your national chain at affordable prices.

What better way to gain a competitive edge for your business than to have your company’s logo gleaming on a bottle of fresh spring water from the purest natural sources.

Our custom label service includes includes labelling, wrapping, palletizing and delivery to your location.

Our team will work with you to understand just what you want on your bottled water custom labels, and will ensure that your vision is translated on to your personalized label.

Our custom labelled bottled water is one of the most affordable and effective ways of promotion. Not only will your bottles of spring water look great but they will also provide your guests or consumers with Australia's best tasting spring water.



Bottled spring water with your company logo is a smart and cost effective way to market your company and increase your profit margin. Increase your brand recognition by leveraging the power of a thirsty customer.

Retail Outlets
Company Events
& more


Bottled spring water with your private label is a smart and cost effective way to boost your profits at fundraising and events.

& more


Bottled spring water with your own private label is is the perfect and cost effective way to personalise all of life's special occasions and make the day truly memorable.

and much more

Contact our office on (02) 8883 4007 to discuss your custom label needs with us.