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spring water flowing through the sandstone hills on the central coast

Our spring water is naturally sourced from free-flowing springs located 300 meters above sea level in the sandstone hills of the Central Coast in New South Wales. The spring water passes through multiple layers of sandstone many meters below the surface into two pristine natural springs. The layers of sandstone act as a natural filter, removing impurities and leaving only the natural and beneficial minerals and trace elements before the water reaches the surface.

The water is then collected right from the source and additionally cleaned and purified by passing through a series of micro-filters and ultraviolet sterilising stations in our purposely built spring water facility, taking every precaution to keep it natural and free of contaminants and impurities of any kind, just the way nature intended it to be.

Our Spring Water facility has been in operation since 1987 and is nestled up against the beautiful Brisbane Waters National Park.

Health Benefits Of Spring Water

Water is the crucible of life and drinking spring water is considered as natural drinking in the purest form possible but as is the case with all types of drinking water, the water source is the key. True spring water is captured from a natural, mountain, or artesian spring and when harvested properly, spring water is sparkling clean and a very healthy source of life.

Our spring water is pure and most natural and has all the essential minerals required by the human body. Some of the main health benefits from drinking this water are as following:

  • Natural spring water is free of any toxins. It has the ideal mineral composition required by the human body.
  • It is drinking water in its most natural and raw from. It is the way nature intended drinking water to be.
  • This water is safe for people of all age groups.
  • Spring water has great, refreshing taste. Coffee, tea and other beverages prepared from it taste great too.

Spring water stands out for its purity and its composition of minerals and trace elements. The key minerals found in this natural drinking water are:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Potassium

These minerals are present in just the right amount and proportion required by the human body. Studies have shown that drinking water containing the right concentration of these minerals can help in preventing a wide range of health conditions.

Mangrove Mountain Spring Water provides natural water that has not been treated or altered for its composition.



Try a bottle of our Spring Water and you will taste the difference. That’s because our pure spring water contains no chemicals, pollutants, bacteria or other contaminants, just the natural mineral and trace elements from the source. TYPICAL ANALYSIS (MG/L):

  • pH - 5.5
  • BiCarbonate - 4.8
  • Magnesium - 1.2
  • Nitrate {as N}
  • Sodium - 4.6
  • Chloride - 4.5
  • Phosphate- 0.06
  • Iron - 0.04
  • Calcium - 3.3
  • Potassium - 1.9
  • Fluride- 0.05
  • Total Dissolved Solids - 56ppm


Read More About Our Water Purifying Process